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CIBB is an association of labour insertion of proximity located in Lille, in Lille, in a quarter Political to the City, implemented in Sensitive Urban Area. It has been approved by the State as a Training Workshop for Insertion and Training Organization for several years and has collaborated since its inception with the actions set up by the Local Employment Plan of Lille.
It is aimed at young people in great difficulty, the beneficiaries of the R.S.A., and inhabitants mainly in Sensitive Urban Area. Participants have little or no schooling, all have a low level of general knowledge and often have no professional qualifications. Many of them are of foreign origin (not in their country of origin, they have difficulties in mastering the language and understanding the economic and social environment in France). Some are over the age of 45, and rejected from the labor market. They encounter cumulative difficulties: housing, health, training and qualification, origin, means of subsistence, and social isolation.

To meet the difficulties encountered by the participants, the CIBB has set up multidisciplinary teams:

  • Technical supervisors to set up different insertion projects
  • A team of Trainers specializing in low-level audiences
  • Socioprofessional support
  • From mediators to employment

Centre d’insertion des Bois Blancs records its interventions in the common law systems defined globally on Lille and the Basin of Employment. Its mission within the project of the House of Quarter of the White Woods in Lille consists in the implementation of actions aimed at:

  • social integration and the regulation of everyday difficulties through individual and collective actions.
  • training, and the development of actions combining the acquisition of professional gestures and periods of alternation in a classical enterprise, with a view to rediscovering the world of work, valuing personal skills and contractualizing access objectives Qualification and employment.
  • The implementation of working conditions through integration projects within the Régie Technique de Proximité.
  • Access to employment through the implementation of specific support for people at the end of the integration process and the development of strategies that aim to bring employment demand closer to the needs of the labor market.


Rachid Boumehdi
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Centre Vauban (Entrée Rochefort - 5ème étage)
201 rue Colbert
59000 LILLE (FR)
Tel.: +33 3 20 92 01 91