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Forcoop Cora Venezia Sc has been operative since 1990, it aims at designing and implementing training and guidance paths for people willing to re-enter the labour market or for employed workers wishing to update or specialise their competences. Since its foundation, Forcoop’s “core business” has been vocational training and guidance: post-diploma and post-lauream training, lifelong learning for companies and human resources, training courses for women and migrants, school and vocational guidance, skills balance, competences validation and certification, best practices research, ad-hoc methodologies development and experimentation, etc.

We have implemented customised training courses for private companies, in particular in the agro-food, tourism and culture, food and wine, welfare/cooperation, environment and new technologies sectors and in the human resources management and valorisation.

Services Forcoop provides to both unemployed and employed workers are: professional and personal guidance; first insertion sectorial training (training for young graduates, work experiences, Higher Education courses, etc.); professional re-insertion with reference to Cora, Retravailler, and Talentaged methodologies; training and guidance services with a gender approach (women, migrant women, 50+ women); competences balance, both individual and in group; counselling and coaching, empowerment paths; activities in the cultural and educational areas; self-entrepreneurship guidance and consultancy.

Forcoop is accredited by the Veneto region in the following areas: Guidance, Lifelong learning, Higher education, and Employment services. The quality system complies with regional rules.
Forcoop mainly operates in the area of Veneto region, but it is active at national and European levels thanks to its memberships in the CORA network (Associated Retravailler Guidance Centres) and Tandem Plus Network.



Patrizia Loiola
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