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Tandem Plus

The Tandem Plus network, established in 2008, is a group of public and private organisations from several European and international countries... Plus d'infos

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Fundația Dezvoltarea Popoarelor – Bucarești

FDP-Protagonists in education (former Peoples’ Development Foundation) is a nongovernmental organization created in 1996, whose mission is that of offering socio-educational and professional integration... Plus d'infos

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Forcoop Cora Venezia Sc has been operative since 1990, it aims at designing and implementing training and guidance paths for people willing to re-enter the labour market or for employed workers wishing to update or specialise their competences... Plus d'infos

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Fédération des Centres d’insertion

The FCI is an association of 1901, created on 20.10.1989, bringing together organizations for integration and training, structures for integration by economic activity, neighborhood equipment and companies in the metropolitan area of Lille... Plus d'infos


ACLI – Selbsthilfewerk für interkulturelle Arbeit e. V.

The ACLI — Selbsthilfewerk für interkulturelle Arbeit e. V. (acli e. V.) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1985 by immigrants inspired by the Italian Christian Workers Movement (ACLI)... Plus d'infos


FOLIAS Cooperativa Sociale

The Social Cooperative “FOLIAS” was founded in Monterotondo in 1996 as private non-profit organization, strongly committed to social design and educational services in close cooperation... Plus d'infos

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Centre d’insertion des Bois Blancs

CIBB is an association of labour insertion of proximity located in Lille, in Lille, in a quarter Political to the City, implemented in Sensitive Urban Area. It has been approved by the State as a Training Workshop for Insertion and Training Organization... Plus d'infos